Savings Deposit

An SB account is the most common deposit account. People of all walks of life use SB account for safekeeping their money. Besides safekeeping of cash, it promotes savings habit among people.  An SB account holder can operate the account, make transactions like put in cash or withdraw whenever he or she likes. There is no time limit or any condition. Being convenient and affordable, this became so popular among common people.

We have an exclusive range of Savings accounts with features to make banking a pleasure for you. Whatever be your profile, we have the right kind of account that suits your financial requirements and lets you enjoy the benefits of easy banking and greater transaction power. Open an account with us and enjoy banking!Bank has introduced a new SB Scheme ‘Suraksha Savings Bank Deposit  with free insurance coverage upto Rs. 1 Lakh for individuals of age group 18 to 35.