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EMS Co-operative library

The Bank runs a library for the benefit of general public named after the famous thinker, ideologist, EMS (E.M.Sankaran Namboothiripad). The library is one among the best in India having 10000 members and a book base of 85000.


Social Benefit Fund (SBF) :  With a view to uphold the values of Co-operative principles, our bank has raised social benefit fund and giving financial assistance to the poor and downtrodden people. Bank has the unique distinction in implementing the following activities.

(a)           Scholarship to students- 50% of the SBF is utilized for giving scholarships to 250 students every year. Poor students hailing from any communities who are excellent in studies are selected for scholarship and providing financial assistance to them until the course is completed.

(b)           Development of villages- Since villages are the backbone of Indian economy, upliftment of them is the prime aim of a co-operative bank. In order to accomplish the aim, 30% of the SBF is set apart for the development of villages. Many of the remote villages in our district have utilized this fund.

(c)           Medical aid- In every sphere of life, the poor people will be the victims of fatal diseases, natural calamities and other disastrous events. Bank is extending much help to such people in their hardship by utilizing the 20% of the SBF.

Co-operative Development Fund  : In addition to social benefit fund, bank has maintained a Co-operative development fund (CDF) in view of strengthening the feeble societies in the district. From this fund interest free loan and grants are sanctioned to the societies.

In short SBF & CDF are a great boon to lay man and feeble societies in the district and through this bank stand as a role model to other co-operative institutions. Thus these two funds remain as two golden feathers weaved to the crown of the bank.

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